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Mr. Don Dimoff
Marketing and Communications Manager
(717) 244-1611  ext 7850(office)
(717) 324-2544(cell)
[email protected]

The Marketing initiative will build “Partners in Public Education”.  We will engage the community to enhance the solicitation of funds for curriculum-based, extra-curricular and athletic programs.  This will allow us to offer our students more diverse opportunities and experiences while continuing to manage a fiscally prudent budget.

It is our vision to build a bridge between the community and School District in order to continue the outstanding success and tradition of academics and athletics in the Red Lion Area School District.

Benefits of becoming a “Partner in Public Education”
  • Increases and maximizes brand awareness
  • Enhances a company’s community relations effort-- stimulating a community-wide feeling that they recognize the importance of education as an integral component in our community's future
  • Creates a quick return on investment—companies aren’t limited to just one event or venue. Exposure extends throughout the Red Lion Area School District, potentially reaching every resident in the district.
  • Benefits students through the funding of innovative educational programs, mentoring programs, and other important programs not covered by the regular school budget.
  • Also benefits residents, as corporate partnerships help control the local school-tax burden and budget short-fall.
Review the sponsorship brochure and become a Corporate Sponsor by contacting Mr. Dimoff.