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Department of Transportation


Transportation Important Information


********Important updates will be listed here**********



All Babysitter forms must be turned in on or before 6/15/18


Bus assignments will be e-mailed on or before 8/8/18 - Keep you Skyward account up to date






Please complete a new babysitter/split custody or a non-public transportation request form for each new school year and any time you have changes.  


2018/2019 school year forms are requested to be sent to Transportation by 6/15/18 to enable us ample time to process this request.


***Any changes coming in after the start of school may take up to two weeks - Please be patient

with us during this time***       THANK YOU!


If your student(s) need to ride an alternate bus or get off at an alternate stop other than their assigned stop, prior arrangements need to be made with the district transportation office if the change will be in the morning.  If in the afternoon, a note needs to be taken to the school office for them to issue the student a bus pass - no student will be allowed to board a different bus with anything other than the school bus pass.


****Please remind your student(s) there are bus rules and one of them are that there is NO food nor drink permitted on the school bus.  There is the potential for another student to have an allergic reaction to that item.****


Image result for winter weather clip artWinter weather! - please remind your student to wear proper clothing and shoes to keep warm and ensure their safety.Image result for winter weather clip art

              • Students who walk to or wait at school bus stops should dress

                      appropriately for cold, icy weather. Proper clothing includes   

                      warm coats, gloves, hats and waterproof footwear.



Thank you!



Public Schools

Please ensure you complete a babysitter/split custody transportation form for:


*     Each school year

*     Any time you have a change

       in babysitter/daycares & split custody. 


*     If your residence address changes, please ensure you notify the

       school ASAP to ensure all documents are sent to the correct

       location and busing can be assigned correctly.


Non-Public Schools

Please ensure you complete a transportation request form for :


*     Each school year

*     and any time you have a change


**** Babysitter/Split custody forms must be completed when any change occurs for your babysitter/daycare or split custody and a new one needs to be submitted every school year.  The forms are on this site, or you may obtain one from your child's school and or the District Administration building****


**** If you have a change of address, please ensure each of your child(ren)s school receives a phone call and a copy of proof of residency for your new address****


 To help us locate you easier, please ensure your address is clearly posted, and no less than 3 inches tall and visible from both directions and not obstructed from trees, shrubs etc...


Board Policy

Transportation Policy #810

Transportation Contact Information
Red Lion Area School District                                                               Red Lion Bus Company:
Hours 7:00AM - 4:00PM                                                                              717-244-4591
Ph: (717) 244-4518 (press "3" for Transportation)
Fax: (717)244-4295
Questions or Concerns? 
 Any Student regardless of age may walk up to 1.5 miles (2 miles in the borough)
 All students should be at their bus stop at least 5 min prior to stop time
Delay bus notices will go out if the bus is more than 30 minutes delayed. 
Please ensure you have your Skyward Account up to date with your current phone and e-mail address.