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ATTENTION. The spring sports season starts March 4th.  In order to participate in any spring sports tryout all prospective athletes must have the necessary paperwork completed on their Rank One profile and either sports physical or recertification.  If unsure of your sports tryout time and location, please check with the coach of that sport or in the Athletic Director's office located in the Senior High Main office.  Junior High student-athletics can check in the Junior High office. 
Athletic Philosophy
The athletic program is an integral part of the educational process of the Red Lion Area School District. The goal is to promote a greater desire in our student body and community to take an active part in our sports programs either as participants or spectators. As individuals continue through the maturation process of athletics, it is important to remember that participation in extracurricular activities is a privilege.

The goal of the athletic program is to develop highly competitive athletics while not losing sight of the educational values such as sportsmanship, health, scholastic achievement, etc. The athletic program is to occupy a position in the curriculum comparable to that of other subjects of activities and to aid in promoting school morale.