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Athletic Paperwork/Physical Information

2023-24 athletes: You and your parents must complete the online paperwork using the RankOne Sport platform.  Per PIAA rules, please do NOT complete any forms until after June 1.
Your child must be promoted within the system by RankOne
  • RLJH incoming 7th graders and parents.  Do not attempt to fill out any online forms.  You will need to be promoted within the RLASD Skyward system prior to being updated within RankOne Sport.  You should be able to begin completing online forms after the July 4 holiday.
  • Parents of all sport athletes:  Please create an account for yourself to link you to your child(ren), you will need to create your account in RankOne if you have not done so previously.  You may also complete the Section 5 & 6 physical form any time AFTER June 1 and submit to your school's main office.
  • Please do not submit a paper form of PIAA CIPPE Sections 1-4. You MUST submit the ONLINE form within the RankOne system following the instructions provided. All paper copies of CIPPE Forms 1-4 will be returned.
  • Please print off a copy of Sections 5 & 6 to take to the doctor (SEE BELOW).  This form must be signed by the parent/guardian and athlete, and also the physician and it MUST be dated.  Submit paper copies to the main office of your school and it will be sent to the athletic trainers.
  • Home school student-athletes, please contact [email protected] for further directions of how to complete the online forms