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Keystone Exam Resources & Information

Information and links for the Keystone Exams

The Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) Keystone Exams are end-of-course assessments designed to assess proficiency in the following subject areas: Algebra 1, Biology, and Literature.

The revised Chapter 4 Regulations stipulate that students must earn an Advanced or Proficient score on the Algebra 1, Biology, and Literature Keystone Exams as a requirement for graduation beginning with the Class of 2020, and results will appear on students’ transcripts. For any exam(s) on which students do not initially demonstrate proficiency, students will be provided with remediation opportunities and will be required to retake the exam(s) next year. Click here for additional information on the Keystone Exams.

In addition to the scores serving as a part of graduation requirements for students in the class of 2023 and beyond (Act 158), all results have an impact on school and district accountability measures. Therefore, all students must participate in Keystone Exams by the end of Grade 11. It is important to note that once a student scores Proficient or Advanced, per the Pennsylvania School Code, he or she will not be able to retake that Keystone Exam in an attempt to achieve a higher score.

The Keystone Exam testing windows are listed below. Specific dates and times for each building will be determined and communicated to students, parents, and guardians at a later date.
Click here for the Pennsylvania Department of Education site for more information on the Keystone Exams.