The LEO Club

Statement of Purpose

Realizing that a considerable number of Red Lion Area School District graduates with a strong allegiance to their school give support and service to maintaining and improving the district's quality programs, the alumni Leo Club's purpose is to foster and support excellence in academic and extracurricular activities of the Red Lion Area School District.

With absolutely no intent to control or influence school board decisions relating to the operation of the total educational program, the club's advocacy efforts focus on the enhancement of the district's overall programs.

With particular interest in financial support including various capital improvement projects, the club works with the school administrators, engages in fundraising toward broader-based support of student activities and academics.

The club's principle areas of activities are:
  • Fundraising in order to contribute meaningfully to the traditional Red Lion Area educational experience.
  • Communication to all through the club member newsletter, web site, class contacts, email, and Twitter.
  • Promotion of the public education system.
  • Activities to enhance alumni, faculty, students and community support.

Funds generated by the Leo Club are to be allocated primarily for discretionary capital improvements for the schools and to supplement school programs, especially those that fall short of the budgetary constraints of the local district tax effort. All budget allocations from the Leo Club are with the approval of the club's operating committee.

Capital improvements shall be based upon practical, available unrestricted funds, supported and endorsed by the Red Lion Area School Board of Directors and through the recommendation of the athletic director and administration. All expenditures of the club and all its activities shall comply with regulations of the Red Lion Area School Board of Directors and other applicable regulations.

Current and Past Projects of The Leo Club
  • Before-and-after school elementary reading program
  • Support of Project Pride activities (focus on students in at-risk situations)
  • Financial support for the D.I.E.T. (Delegation, Initiative, Enthusiasm, Teamwork) Senior High School Regional Student Council Conference hosted by the senior high school Student Council
  • Annual newsletter
  • Salutes and honors distinguished alumni through the Leo Club's Hall of Fame. A total of 85 alumni have been inducted since 1991.
  • Sponsors the annual Leo Club Golf Tournament. The proceeds are used to fund the before/after school developmental reading program for students in grades 1 and 2 in all 7 of the school district's elementary schools.
  • Retains and manages a list of all graduates with mailing addresses by class and supplies class lists and mailing labels for mailings, reunions, etc.

2020-2021 Club Officers
CJ Weigle '13 - President
Tammy Grove '79  - Vice-President
Jay Vasellas '72 - Secretary
Greg Wolf '85 - Treasurer