Mazie Gable response

On January 29, 2024, Red Lion Area School District officials received a report that a teacher at Mazie Gable Elementary School acted unprofessionally in her handling of a student in her charge. The incident was captured by security camera video surveillance and reviewed by District officials. We understand that the student’s parent is alleging that the teacher was caught on camera “abusing” the child. We wholly disagree with the parent’s characterization in that the incident does not rise anywhere close to being an instance of “abuse.” Red Lion Area School District cannot comment further on this incident because it involves a personnel matter, other than to state that the matter has been investigated and appropriate steps have been taken administratively to address the situation. The school board and administration are committed to providing a safe and harmonious school environment for all students and to ensuring incidents like this are not repeated in the future, and we expect the highest level of professionalism and compassion of all District employees.