The search for the district’s next superintendent is underway!  Throughout the search, we will be providing updates on the website, so please feel free to check in periodically. 


We are working through our consultant, Tom Templeton, the Founder and Creative Director of TEMPLETON Advantage, LLC.  Tom has conducted many searches over the last 20 years as an educational consultant, and is quite familiar with York County, having served several districts throughout the region.   


We are looking for a superintendent with qualities that include, but are not limited to:


  • Collaborative, decisive and strategic executive level leadership that focuses on consistent student growth, achievement, and readiness; 
  • Effective and consistent oral and written communication with district stakeholders, including the articulation of the mission, vision, goals and core values of the district; 
  • Oversight of a systematic budgetary process that addresses the interests of taxpayers and students in developing future-oriented educational and operational planning efforts;
  • The emotional intelligence that welcomes, encourages, guides and confidently supervises, while navigating district challenges with integrity and ethics;
  • Well-developed analytical and decision making abilities that prioritizes a rational approach to assessing reliable data and fact patterns in addressing issues, trends and research impacting student success;
  • Results focused leadership that promotes a bias for action in alignment with short term systemic needs and long-term objectives;  
  • Impactful supervision of the administrative team that enhances their skills in driving curriculum development, supervision, instruction and learning;
  • Ongoing influential engagement and participation with business, educational, policy-making, work-alike and civic organizations; 
  • Critical guidance to the board of school directors as the individual responsible for overseeing the execution of district policy and providing comprehensive advice to the board on significant district decisions.


As the search moves forward, we will be gathering additional information in order to expand the development of the strategic competencies and leadership experiences needed in the next superintendent.  Please be looking for more updates on the website.


The Red Lion Area Board of School Directors

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