The District has been made aware of several rumors that are circulating among the school community and on social media regarding the safety and security of the Red Lion Area Senior High School. All such threats are taken seriously and investigated in cooperation with local law enforcement. To that end, rumors of a gun threat to our building have been investigated and determined to be baseless.


Additionally, individuals have raised concerns about a fire that occurred yesterday. No one was injured and there was no damage to the building. This was a minor incident in the metal shop that was extinguished by staff pursuant to our existing safety protocols. As is always the case, the fire department was automatically notified and responded to ensure that the fire was extinguished appropriately and that no further danger existed.  

The sharing and spreading of rumors, speculation, and other unfounded information, particularly through social media, can cause unnecessary stress to our students, parents, and staff and can cause a major disruption to the educational day. We ask that if anyone becomes aware of any information that raises a safety concern to our school community, please report it immediately to local law enforcement and the building administration for a prompt and thorough investigation. You may also report such information on our school safety tip line. Information can be found on the District website: https://link.rlasd.net/tipline.
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