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2020-2021 "Closure Days"

November 2, 2020


Dear Parents and Guardians of Brick and Mortar/Hybrid Students,   

What an exciting start to our school year! We are so pleased with the various learning options we are providing to our families. With each student being issued a district-owned device and having introduced Seesaw (K-2) and Google Classroom (Grades 3-12) to all of our students, we are able to offer a new opportunity. We are pleased to announce we will now provide instruction on any school day we are not able to meet in person. This means on days when situations like inclement weather or a building emergency require us to close our facilities, we will provide instruction to our students to learn from home rather than in a school building. 

If we need to close our facilities due to inclement weather or an emergency, we will continue to notify you via phone, email, website, text message, and social media. These communications will detail the use of a “Closure Day” and the day will not require us to use a make-up day. Please make sure your contact information is current and up-to-date in Skyward. Also, all students must take their district-owned device and charger home each evening. 

To prepare for the closure of one (or more) of our facilities or classroom(s), please review the following important information:

  1. Each family will receive notification of any building or classroom closure affecting their child(ren). 
  2. On the first day of a closure, students should check Seesaw or Google Classroom for the activities for the day. Activities should be completed and submitted virtually by 11:59pm. The students will not follow any set schedule on the first day of a closure.
  3. If the closure is longer than one day, students will have an opportunity to attend synchronous (live) lessons on day 2. Students should expect to participate in learning activities during the course of a typical school day, according to the schedule the teacher(s) provide.
  4. Each closure day counts as a day of instruction and will also count as a cycle day. 
  5. The students will be required to check Seesaw or Google Classroom for each class to access the activities for the day. 
  6. Lessons will be designed for students with special needs utilizing their program modifications, specially designed instruction and supplementary aids and services identified in their individualized education plans. This might include virtual or telephone appointments with individual students, live lessons, and/or email correspondence. Any related services (PT, OT, Speech, etc.) scheduled on a closure day will be rescheduled according to the frequency requirements of the students’ individualized education plan or in make-up sessions during the remainder of the school year as a compensatory service.
  7. Students may submit assignments virtually or in person upon return to school. Attendance will be recorded based upon “Closure Day” assignments being submitted. If assignments are not submitted, the student will be marked absent.
  8. Students without internet access will have the opportunity to complete the assignments in school when classes resume. 
  9. If your child is ill on any closure day(s) and unable to attend sessions or complete assignments, please submit an absence via Skyward. 

Again, we are excited to offer this learning option. The Red Lion Area School District believes this plan will enable the continuous learning of students, allow families to rely on the board-approved District calendar, and eliminate the need for "makeup days" that we typically build into the schedule.


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your school’s principal.