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The Red Lion Area Educational Foundation Story




The Red Lion Area Educational Foundation was organized in 1996 as a charitable organization under laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The Foundation, governed by a Board of Directors which includes District administration, School Board, community, and business leaders, are committed to making its presence known as a vital and positive force for the future of students attending Red Lion Area Schools.






Building increased community support and funding for educational opportunities and programs benefiting students enrolled in the Red Lion Area School District.






The Mission of the Red Lion Area Educational Foundation is to supplement, enhance, and promote the educational programs and activities of the Red Lion Area School District and its enrolled students, teachers, and administrators.






We believe our responsibility is to the students enrolled in the Red Lion Area School District. Our assistance in their obtaining an appropriate education will enable a lifetime of learning and success.




We accept responsibility for aiding the Red Lion Area School District teachers, administrators, and support personnel as they facilitate student, learning, growth, and development.




We acknowledge responsibility for wise stewardship of funds contributed to the Foundation, investing and using these funds consistent with our Mission and Goals, as well as our core values of quality, commitment, integrity, and accountability.






The Red Lion Area Educational Foundation is an independent non-profit organization, governed by a Board of Directors with support from a strong committee structure. The Foundation has no legal or financial responsibility to the Red Lion Area School District.




Finance Committee – Chaired by a member of the Foundation Board, the Finance Committee is comprised of investment experts who oversee and provide recommendations to the Foundation Board regarding investments and account activities.




Scholarship Committee – Chaired by a member of the Foundation Board, the Scholarship Committee is responsible to organize, promote, and coordinate each of the scholarships and work with each sub-account designee and the Red Lion Area Senior High School Guidance Office.




Technology Grants Committee – Chaired by the Red Lion Area School District technology leader, this committee reviews and selects appropriate technology grants to enhance the educational experience within Red Lion Area Schools.







Dental Program




Established with a significant contribution from Dr. Trout, a former Red Lion Area Dentist, the Dental Program was established to provide students of Red Lion School Area School District who are unable to afford dental care, with access to local dentist services.




Just picture any one of the hundreds of students who can now look at themselves with a big smile. Think of the positive impact on their self esteem and what a difference this gift will have on their lives.





Technology Grants


In partnership with the Red Lion Area School District, the Red Lion Area Educational Foundation annually funds several technology grants requested by district teachers. This program has brought excitement and renewed interest in introducing state of the art teaching and learning technology to Red Lion class rooms.




Since 1997, more than forty grants totaling $95,000 have been supported by the School District/Educational Foundation partnership, each funding 50% of the approved grants. Examples of funded projects are:


·        Improving the quality of the Senior High School newspaper, The Leonid. Students are now using high-end equipment and software to upgrade the quality of the monthly issues of the newspaper. In addition to a better product for the entire Senior High student body, newspaper staff students are learning to utilize this new technology and seeking additional applications. 


·        Audio-Visual Capability in the Junior High. Each morning in the Junior High, students broadcast live visual morning announcements to each of the school’s classrooms. Students learn new technology, critical awareness of scheduling and preparedness, while enjoying the opportunity to share information with fellow students.


·        School Literacy Multimedia Projects. At the Chanceford Elementary School, students in grades one, two, and three will use technology tools to create and present a variety of multimedia projects. 






Scholarship Program


Since 1996, more than 130 scholarships have been awarded to Red Lion Area High School seniors who are continuing their education at an accredited post-secondary educational institution. The Red Lion Area Educational Foundation provides numerous ways for individuals, groups and families to establish scholarship programs as a way to memorialize a loved one, recognize an individuals participation in a community activity, or to just demonstrate long-term support for life long learning.




Each scholarship program is established as an independent sub-account within the Foundation and the funds are managed by a Finance Committee.




Each sub-account maintains a separate agreement with the Foundation outlining scholarship criteria, designated sponsor involvement, and selection of the scholarship recipients.








Many donors choose to establish or contribute to an endowed fund, creating a lasting legacy. The income from the endowment provides ongoing support to the donor’s chosen priority.




Endowment can become the financial bedrock to provide stability and flexibility in advancing the educational programs and activities of the Red Lion Area School District. The Red Lion Area Educational Foundation invests endowed funds and uses a portion of the income for the purpose the donor specifies, while the remainder is reinvested in the fund.




Endowed funds can be unrestricted, providing a source of “foundation capital,” or designated for a wide range of purposes, including scholarships, technology, student assistance programs, and other educational related initiatives.




Endowments may be named for the donor and/or someone a donor wishes to honor or memorialize.










The Red Lion Area Educational Foundation can receive a check or transferred assets such as stocks, bonds, or other property.




You may make an outright or deferred gift of assets such as stocks, bonds, and property. Planned gifts range from life-income gifts, to bequests, to creative arrangements using relatively illiquid assets. Making a planned gift may allow you to give more than you ever thought possible and, at the same time, benefit from tax advantages or income for a term of years or life.






The Board of Directors of the Red Lion Area Educational Foundation accepts the responsibility and accountability of stewardship towards managing all donations provided to the Foundation. We consider it an honor to have the opportunity to serve on the Foundation Board, serve our community, and provide service to the students, teachers and administration of the Red Lion Area School District.