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Elementary Music » FAQs


Q: What important upcoming dates and events do I need to know?  
A: See the Events Calendar, and check in Instrumental Documents for more information.
Q: When are lessons during the school day?  
A: That student should come down to see the teacher in the morning. Students will typically be given the opportunity to call home for the isntrument. Depending on the lesson plan for that day, he or she may be told to report at the lesson time even though the instrument was left at home.
Q: How much time should be spent practicing each week?  
A: Students in 4th and 5th grade should make a routine of practicing 15 minutes a day. Students in 6th grade should up that amount to about 20 minutes a day. Download the Elementary Band Handbook and read the "Practice" section for more detail.
Q: Will there be lessons on a two hour delay?  
A: Yes. Lessons will be rearranged so that each student will have a lesson.
Q: I would like my son/daughter to get some extra enrichment or extra help playing his or her instrument. What can I do?  
A: Private lessons are an excellent way to get extra enrichment or extra help. We maintain a list of private instructors. They operate independently of the school district and can be contacted individually to schedule private lessons. The list can be downloaded from the Instrumental Documents section.


Q: My son/daughter is interested in playing a band instrument at school. How do I get my child enrolled in lessons?  

A:  The enrollment period is during September every year, and is open to any 4th, 5th, and 6th graders. Information is sent home with every student and will also be available on this site under Documents, Schedules, and Forms during that month. Students will be given the opportunity to sample and test on different instruments. There will also be and enrollment meeting where parents will learn how to acquire an instrument and a little more about the Instrumental Music Program. Check in Instrumental Documents for more info.

Q: What instruments can my son/daughter play if he/she is to enroll in band lessons?

A: Brass Instruments:

  1. Trumpet
  2. French horn
  3. Trombone
  4. Baritone horn
  5. Tuba

Woodwind Instruments:

  1. Flute
  2. Oboe
  3. Clarinet
  4. Alto Saxophone

Percussion Instruments:

  1. Percussion kit(includes snare and mallet percussion)
Q: What should my son/daughter wear for the concert?
A: Students need to wear "nice" clothing. This means no blue jeans or sneakers, and a nice shirt. Girls may wear dresses if they want. eJazz members should wear their eJazz shirt or a plain black T-shirt.
Q: I think that the Music Department has some wonderful programs and I would like to make a donation to help the advancement of the department. How can I do this?
A: Every building has a Holiday Concert in December where donations are accepted. Donations of instruments are also appreciated.