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eJazz Auditions

This year marks the eleventh year of existence of the Elementary Jazz program for the Red Lion Area School District. The Elementary Jazz Band gives students added opportunities to explore their instruments and their interest in music. The music played by the jazz band will be more "popular," as we will explore the genres of swing, rock, funk, Latin, and many others. This is an extra ensemble, and students cannot participate in the jazz band without also participating in the regular Elementary Concert Band. The only exception to this is keyboard players who do not play a band instrument. Students are selected for the ensemble by audition.

Ensemble Information

Rehearsals are held at Red Lion Area Senior High School. Parents will need to be able to transport students to every rehearsal or arrange for transportation.

The ensemble meets every Monday evening from 6:30pm to 7:30pm beginning at the end of January. Some Monday evening rehearsal that coincide with Winter Concert rehearsals will be 7pm-8pm.

Students should commit to striving for near perfect attendance at all rehearsals. Rehearsals in May, because we are getting closer to the concerts, are considered mandatory. Dress rehearsal and the performances are also mandatory.

Please check your schedules carefully and let us know of expected absences in advance. The specific calendar of rehearsals and performances is:

Rehearsals: January 9th, 23rd, 30th (no rehearsal the 16th)
February 6th, 13th, (no rehearsal on the 20th and 27th)
March 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th
April 3rd, 10th, 24th (no rehearsal on the 17th)
May 1st, 8th, 15th
** Mondays off are sometimes snow make-up days. If school is in session, we will have rehearsal.

Performances: (All performances subject to change.)
May 14th - Elementary Spring Band Concert
May 27th - Hershey Park Adjudication performance

Special Info For Saxophone Players

The maximum number of saxophone players we are able to accept in the ensemble is 9. This is broken down into 6 alto saxophone players and 3 tenor saxophone players. All elementary students begin playing alto saxophone as beginners. Being willing to learn and play tenor saxophone in eJazz will increase a student's chance of being accepted into the ensemble. The switch is not difficult. It mostly entails becoming comfortable with a larger mouthpiece and playing lower notes. The fingerings are identical. We have had many students make the switch and be very successful.

If you are willing to be considered for both alto and tenor saxophone, please let us know in the audition. Tenor saxophones are available from the school.

Audition Information

Students will be selected for the ensemble by audition. The audition will consist of one piece of music which is distributed ahead of time so that students can practice it. Students will also need to learn two scales. There will also be a sight-reading portion of the audition, where students will be asked to play a short piece of music that they have not had the opportunity to practice ahead of time. The entire process should not take longer than 5 minutes.

Auditions for 2016 will be on November 21st at Red Lion Senior High School in the band room. Audition signups are online. You must select a 5 minute audition time slot between 5:30 and 8:30pm.

Be sure you read the instructions on this page carefully before you click through to schedule your audition. The website we are using to schedule auditions is the same website we use to schedule Parent-Teacher wherever it says "conference", pretend it says "audition". And be sure to use the correct login credentials.

The process of signing up for this audition is very similar to signing up for conferences. When you click on the link below you will arrive at a login screen. The instructions on the screen will be incorrect!

Use the login and password below:

Your login is: FirstnameStudentID# (example ryan1500345)
Your password is: FirstnameStudentID# (yes! the same as your login)

From there you will click to schedule a confernence, selecting "Jazz Band" as the teacher. You will be able to select a 5 minute audition("Conference") time slot. Remember, the auditions will be held in the Red Lion Senior High School band room.

Click here to schedule your audition!

If you have any questions or problems scheduling your audition, please contact Mr. Rosenkrans or Mr. Kriebel If need be, we can schedule an audition time for you over the phone.
Audition materials can be downloaded by clicking below.
Rhythm Section
For rhythm section instruments, please refer to the instructions document so you know exactly what to prepare for the audition.

Any students who are auditioning for two instruments (usually piano and a brass or woodwind instrument) will need to contact Mr. Kriebel so he can block out an extra audition time for you, as the system will only allow you to schedule one 5 minute audition.