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Swim Program

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Fall Swim Session:

Registration for fall classes will be held on August 23 and 24 from 6-8pm in the pool lobby.  Additional classes will be held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings if the Monday, Wednesday and Saturday classes fill up.


Open Swim:

There are 2 seasons.  One held during the school year and one held for 10 weeks over the summer.   


Hours for the school year are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7-8:45pm and Saturdays and Sundays from 2-3:45pm.  


Summer hours are 7 days a week from 1-3:45pm and again on Monday through Friday evenings from 7-8:45pm.


Cost is $4 per person aged 4 years and older.  If you have a current swim lesson membership the cost is $1.50.  Family or season members are free for open swims.  Cost of memberships are $50 for district individuals and $75 for non-resident individuals.  Family memberships are $100 for district resident and $125 for non-district residents.


Lifeguards are Red Cross certified and there are always 2 guards on duty.   At least 2 lanes are open for lap swimmers at each open swim.  


Swim Lessons:

Classes are taught by Red Cross certified instructors and a lifeguard is always on duty.  A variety of classes are offered from Beginner to Level 6 and adult classes as well.   Parent tot classes are offered for children 5 months to 3 years with an adult in the water with them.  These are available for the summer, fall and spring sessions.  Cost for lessons is $45 for district residents and $55 for non-district residents for each session enrolled.


Lessons for the school year are divided into 3 seasons; fall, winter and spring.   You may choose either Monday or Wednesday evenings or Saturday afternoons.  Classes are 45 minutes in length and run for 10 weeks.  


Summer lessons are held Monday through Friday for 50 minutes in the morning and run for 2 weeks.  We offer 5 of these morning sessions.  We also have evening classes that are held on Monday and Wednesday evenings for 45 minutes and these run for 5 weeeks.  We offer 2 of these sessions.  


Swim Team Practices:

Practices for the 2017-2018 school year will start on September 11 for pre-season and October 9 for regular season.  They will run until the first week of February.  Starting November 17, practice time will change to 5:30 pm start for the remainder of the season.  You may register during practice times.  

They will be held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Jr and Sr High will swim from 3-4:30pm.

Elementary and other districts will swim from 4:30-6pm. 


Water Aerobics:

Fall session will start on Monday, August 28, 2017.  Classes will be held on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 5:30 - 6:30 pm and will run for nine weeks. 

Cost is $55 for district resident and $60 for non-resident.


If you have any questions about any of the above activities, please text Heather McDanel at #717-693-3310 or email at