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Varsity Club

Red Lion Area School District
Varsity Club Bylaws

To be eligible to participate in the Varsity Club a student must . . .
  • Earn 1 varsity letter
  • Maintain a 2.0 GPA
  • Participate in Varsity Club meetings and activities
  • Attend & support other athletic events and teams

To earn a Varsity Club jacket a student must successfully complete . . .

1. 4 – 6 hours of community service (volunteer work for an organization)
2. 4 – 6 hours of athletic service (concession stand, filing in athletic office, etc…)
  • Both service projects must be completed before receiving permission to order a jacket.
  • Only the sport that you have earned a varsity letter in may be placed on the sleeve
  • Additional sports may be added, as you letter in interscholastic sports
  • Participate in “Silent Dress Up Day”

Varsity Club Requirements:
  • Participate in fall Chicken Bar-B-Q event (only fundraiser Varsity Club runs)
  • Participate in pep rallys and attend other athletic events
  • Adhere to all Varsity Club Bylaws
  • Represent your family, school and team in a positive manner