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A letter from the Superintendent of Schools

Dear Parents and Guardians,

As we approach the end of another school year, I want to give you a gift.

The expression “time flies” is really starting to resonate with me as I get older. Truly, the school years (and the calendar years) seem to go by much quicker than I remember in the past. I am noticing at times that the pace of life sometimes keeps us from taking the time to enjoy simple pleasures and to focus on those moments that are fleeting. Additionally, I am concerned with many events that I read about in the media. Specifically, I am concerned about the rise of drug use (especially opiates) in York County and the recent reports of increased incidences of students harming themselves whether through self-mutilation or worse. Social media can heavily influence the choices our children make, and adults need to provide a safe and trusting forum in which to begin dialogue about serious topics.

My gift? Take a night off from school this week. Instead use the time to do something as a family that you enjoy and wish you could do more frequently. Play a game, eat a slow-paced meal together and talk or, read a book. You name it. Enjoy the time by reconnecting and slowing down for a few hours. I have asked our principals and teachers, where possible, to limit homework and assignments this week.

Although homework can be valuable, so can time together as a family. I hope you find this time valuable.

If you are interested in learning more about talking to your children about making good choices, consider visiting the following websites:

  • SAVE ( and the JED Foundation (


  • PA Get Help Now, the new toll-free hotline, 1-800-662-HELP (4357), is available 24/7 throughout the Commonwealth to help those suffering from addiction find immediate help.
  • Crisis Text Line: Test “Listen” to 741-741. This resource is available 24/7 and connects to a live, trained specialist on any issue.

  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-723-8255 (TALK). This resource is available 24/7 and connects to a trained counselor

  • Avedium – encourage your students to connect with Aevidum at the Junior High and Senior High for peer support.


Lastly, with the arrival of warm weather, many of our students are driving or traveling with other student-drivers. Please remind your children of the dangers of distracted driving and reinforce safe driving skills. Enjoy the week and the end of the school year. My best to you and your family.


Scott A. Deisley signature

Scott A. Deisley, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools

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